House Trim

If stucco, stone siding, brick, or wood and trim that surround your windows or doors. Wood is usually the known choice for decorative materials in homeowners, the main function of outside trim is to add an accent to the homes architecture while adding curb appeal. Because trim needs less material than framing and siding the over all cost for repair, maintenance, and replacement is a lot less, making wood trim a popular choice for homeowners.

Paint Trim

Wood, mostly exotic wood, can be left unpainted because of it’s natural beauty. However, a lot of people prefer to paint their trim. Usually the colors orange, red, and pink are not colors you want to use. But you shouldn’t shy away from adding color to your exterior. Some people like to paint their house a different color than the siding. Monochromatic homes don’t accentuate their architecture accents, for example gable, trim, siding, etc. Trim painting is not by any means a home improvement project that needs a lot of technical skill. Homeowners still hire professional painters to handle the task to not deal with any issues or headaches it may cause. If you find yourself wanting to take on the task yourself, do it on a dry to mild day. Work around the house for little sun exposure to any fresh painted areas.

Wood Trim Alterations and Alternatives

Wood trims needs maintenance and repainting every so often.Even with a home with wood siding, the maintenance is the most labor intensive and costly at times. If it’s not maintained, trim will warp or warp or deteriorate, it may need extensive sanding before any type of replacement or repainting. Aluminum, vinyl, or steel soffits trim can be added to windows and doors as trims. These alternatives eliminates any type of maintenance or repainting ever again. These trims also stops any rotting or leaking that wood may cause.

Commonly, stucco home owners prefer to replace fascia, soffits, and warp with steel, vinyl, and aluminum . If you are currently seeing signs of your wood trim rotting, or warping, you should think about replacing.

Interior Trim

Trim isn’t just for curb appeal interior trim is a good method to improve the decor of your home. Just like windows, doors, and edges are perfect trim options. Interior trim is more durable with no maintenance because it is kept away from harmful elements such as the sun.