Stone & Granite Fabricators

You may have noticed that granite counters in your bathroom or kitchen goes through a process to alter it’s occurring appearance to a polished and beautiful counter. You may not be aware of the process. The process is called stone fabrication. Stone fabricators are also used mostly by contractors. 

What do Stone and Granite Fabricators Do

Sometimes a stone fabricator will assist you when it comes choosing your material. The design is made with templates that come with dimensions an know exactly how much material your project will need. Once figured out the rest of the design comes to play for example; veins, shading, type of stone, and color, along with other considerations. 

Another crucial step is choosing overall structure and density. The quality of stones comes in many various selection. Each stone slab can influence the durability and strength. Your reputable stone company should have some kind of information or test on the stones or general area of the stone.

Granite Fabrication

Fabrication stores can help you with these and many other choices. However, these choices are made before the fabrication process. Fabrication is making and inspection for any blemishes, scratches, finesses, seams, and stone flaws. First, the slab is laid out to inspect the appearance of vein texture and color. The stone is cut about 1/16 of an inch of it’s final thickness. Scribing will give shape to the stone. Any drain boards and rods that the slab may need is then installed. Grit polish is used to smooth out the surface of the slab. Final step is to wash, dry, and coat with seal.

Choosing Your Stone Fabricator

You can fin reputable company by doing basic research on social media, and the BBB. You can get an idea of what type of company you might be dealing with.